"To Strive, to seek, and not to yield"

I always tried to shoot the inner soul of any frame, be it landscape or people.. My effort is to look beyond what's there visible in the picture. If am not shooting for photo-journalism I am always looking for the differential thought and vision of a scene.

Being a self-taught photographer and practicing the art for more than four decades, I learned that there is no alternative to hard work and honesty. During the film era when the options were very limited, I had the practice of printing my pictures. I still think there is no alternative to touching your own pictures. Like the painter who can create only if he feels the brush strokes, it's somewhat similar. I sell prints, one can also ask for digital downloads also but personally, I think prints of any photograph on archival paper are the best way to feel and absorb a picture.

I travel a lot and make stories of such travels. I am also a biker and vlogger. I give the link of my youtube channel, if you wish to see my vlogs, please do pay a visit.


I work as a photo-jounalist also as a freelance. But the stories that you find in this website are personal travel projects.

I wish to thank you for your visit to my website. Please take a look of the pictures patiently and let me know what do you think. Please suggest your friends and loved ones if you like the website.

Thank You and Stay Cool.




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